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  • Vincent Damien Numbos - DBTS (Staff and family) LKK Leader

Fostering a vibrant Parish

Bomana, Port Moresby: On Friday, the 8th of March, and Saturday, the 9th of March, the Mary Help of Christians Parish in Sabama held an LKK (Liklik Kristen Komuniti) Leaders’ Overnight at the Sivarai Namona Pastoral Centre (SNPC) in Bomana. The participants included LKK leaders from three mass centres: Sabama, Sero Kone, and Gabutu, with a lone representative from Pari.

(Participants of the program at Sivarai Namona Pastoral Centre)

After an opening prayer, Fr. Ambrose Pereira SDB encouraged the participants to offer the overnight recollection for the repose of the soul of Fr. Edwin Genovia SDB. The first session saw Fr Ambrose Pereira express the role of the 3Cs in different areas: The 3 Cs of Customer Experience; 3 Cs for mastering an ADHD brain; 3 Cs for CEOs; 3 Cs for success in life; and finally, the 3 Cs for us Catholics, which are Christ, Community, and Church. He went on to say that continuous formation for children, young adults, and the elderly is an essential component of a vibrant parish.

Following the opening session, the participants engaged in the Way of the Cross and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, led by Sr. Lapyanshi Khongwir MHMSC and Sr. Kanchan Toppo MSMHC. This provided the participants with quiet time to recollect and pray for themselves, their LKKs, and the parish.

After a delicious supper at the quaint and naturally decorated refectory of the centre, the participants were led by Abraham Kolako into the next session entitled: ‘A Vibrant Parish’. Together with Christopher Abau, they outlined what a vibrant parish should look, sound, and act like. Their presentation emphasized the importance of participation from parishioners, obedience to the call of service, and practicing what one preaches in order to foster vibrancy within the parish. With much to ponder, the participants had a restful sleep that night.

Early the next morning, at 6:20 am, the participants engaged in contemplative breathing exercises. They savored the silence of the morning, the crisp fresh air, and the surrounding sounds of nature. The Rosary, led by the MSMHC sisters, followed this period of contemplation.

The Eucharistic Mass was celebrated by Fr. Albert Swer SDB, with Fr. Ambrose as the concelebrant. In his homily, Fr. Albert stressed the importance of unity within the parish and expressed joy in seeing leaders come together for prayer and reflection, stating, “This exhibits a vibrant parish in action.” A beautiful missionary rosary, a gift from Vietnam was given to every participant at the conclusion of the Eucharistic celebration. Fr Albert also expressed his happiness in celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation with the parishioners.

The morning session focused on this year’s Strenna: ‘The Dream that makes you dream, a heart that transforms wolves into lambs’. Vincent Numbos animated the session, delving into the dream of Johnny Bosco, which laid the foundation for the mission of the Salesians today. He outlined pointers for leaders to help make the parish vibrant. Through this session, participants were able to identify weaknesses and explore ways to address them.

 An evaluation, aided by a SWOT analysis, enabled the leaders to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats surrounding sacraments, prayer life, resources, church venue, and future possibilities. Highlighted by every group were the need for constant formation to build on commitment, respect, unity, and togetherness. The different groups also shared their need for a common space for peace and quiet where all can come together to worship as a united and vibrant parish. 

After a mouthwatering lunch, the overnight program concluded at 1 pm, allowing participants the opportunity to attend the funeral service and burial of Fr. Edwin Genovia SDB.

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