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Right Relationship in Ministry

Secretary Sr Ancy John


The Right Relationships in Ministry (RRM) of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNGSI

From the very beginning (1990), the Right Relationships in Ministry (RRM) is a joint venture of the Federation of Religious and Catholic Bishops Conference. The Board of the RRM of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNGSI develops policies and protocols and deals with complaints of sexual abuse. It has also been engaged in Training and Formation programmes as well as work for awareness on child protection policies and laws.

The Catholic Church policy is supported by four sets of protocols. Protocol One deals with issues of sexual abuse of a minor by a cleric, Protocol Two deals with issues of criminal sexual abuse by a cleric, religious, or Church worker, Protocol Three deals with Issues of sexual abuse of a minor or vulnerable persons or negligence in responding to such allegations of

abuse by an Ordinary (a new protocol of 2020) and Protocol Four deals with issuesof sexual misconduct by a cleric, religious or a Church worker.

The six fundamental principles underlying the RRM Protocols are; the protection of children, through prevention strategies, Right Relationships in Ministry through formation strategies, Commitment to transparency, accountability and responsibility in the leadership of the Church, Co-operation with Society, Care of victims – survivors and the need to ensure that offenders, repentant or not, are never in a position to reoffend in future. 

The Right Relationships in Ministry develops the Child Protection policy for the Church in PNGSI and the awareness and implementation is ongoing. The guiding principles of the policy urge dioceses, religious congregations, parishes and Church institutions to develop and implement child protection policies and procedures relevant to their own area of operation. 

Thus the image of the church as a communioncould become more vibrant through which everyone’s dreams become a reality “A Child safe PNG”. 

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