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The Catholic Bishops of PNG and Solomon Islands


The CBC Secretariat is the central office of the Catholic Church in PNG and SI. The Secretariat relates to all the Archdioceses and Dioceses, mainly in a coordinating function.

It organises the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the CBC and it helps to implement the decisions of these general meetings.

It coordinates the various meetings to evaluate and promote the Conference Pastoral Plan.

And finally, it coordinates the ministries of the various Commissions of the CBC.

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Catholic Church of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands

The Catholic Church of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, consists of dioceses.

A diocese is a portion of the People of God entrusted to a Bishop to be nurtured by him with the help of the priest belonging to different parishes.

The CBC Secretariat relates to all these dioceses and coodinates the ministries through various commissions of CBCPNGSI.  

The words “diocese” and “parish” come from legal words in ancient Roman law that refers to administrative jurisdiction headed by a civic official. The Church adopted these words to describe its own organization. A diocese is divided into deaneries and parishes that especially in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands includes parish communities.

The Parishes themselves are made up of church communities that contains Basic Christian Community (BCC). There are Catholic dioceses in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. 

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