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Church Institutional Strengthening Program (CISP)

Secretary: Position Vacant

CISP stands for Church Institutional Strengthening Program. It is under the authority and jurisdiction of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNGSI.It was established in 2004, based on a recommendation from the Conference of Bishops with the support of AusAID and Caritas Australia through the Church Partnership Program (CPP). Its aim is to improve the institutional capacity of the multiple institutions and agencies of the Catholic Church in PNG to be more conversant with, and apply management ideas, concepts and skills and knowledge for their day-to-day operations. 


The present members of the Board are Bp. Rolando Santos, Bp. Otto Separy, Fr. Gorgio Licini, Jimmy Son, Marie Mondu, Mavis Tito, Diane Unagi and Anna Nongkas.

As an arm of the CBC Secretariat, CISP exists to complement the capacity-building efforts of the Catholic Church in PNG, particularly, dioceses, institutions, and agencies. It plays a supportive but important  role and service to these institutions. It does not pretend to take upon itself the duties and responsibilities of dioceses, institutions and agencies of the Catholic Church in PNGSI. Rasther, its goal is to strengthen and improve their institutional capacity so that they can carry out their mission in the Church using proven methods and best practices in the fields of management, administration and pastoral practice so that they can improve their performance and enhance their ability to function and continue their mission while staying relevant within a rapidly changing world.

CISP has provided the following assistance in the past:  

  • Skills training in Financial Management 

  • Workshops on  Leadership and Human Resource Management (HRM) 

  • Trainings in office management and computing.

  • Planning, monitoring and evaluating programs and activities.

  • Follow-ups and mentoring visits depending on need and requests.



Since the establishment of the Church Partnership Program (CPP) in 2004, Caritas Australia has been the lead Australian NGO (ANGO) contracted by DFAT to deliver aid programs in Papua New Guinea on behalf of the Catholic Church. In 2018 Caritas Australia decided to give autonomy to the local Catholic Agency, the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands, to directly manage CPP grants and shoulder the contracting obligations of DFAT.  After several meetings CBC management decided that all donor contracting obligations will lay with CBC as the registered business agent for Catholic Church and its departments (CPNG, CISP etc). Caritas Australia and CISP  have been conducting meetings and satisfying requirements to make this happen the soonest possible. 

CISP Pamphlet

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