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The Secretariat of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands (CBC Secretariat), is a team of dedicated women and men, who strive with pride and satisfaction to facilitate and deliver professional services to the Catholic Church and its various institutions in order to support its endeavours in promoting equality, transparency and improving the lives of people, to live and grow in God’s love.


We, the team of dedicated women and men are committed to providing secretarial services to the Conference of Bishops and professional support and service to the Catholic Church and all its institutions in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.


These services include:

  • Communication with the Dioceses and different Commissions of PNGSI.

  • Finance Management

  • Processing of Documents (Work permits, visas, passports, etc.)

  • Institutional Strengthening

  • Promotion and Monitoring of the Conference Pastoral Plan.

  • Representation towards other Churches, government and the media.


We perform our work with satisfaction and pride and commit ourselves to:

  • The principles of gender equality, fair employment conditions, transparency and fair decision making

  • Creating an enabling, supporting, encouraging and confirming attitude among team members,

  • Professional and effective service delivery and

  • Continuing efforts in strengthening the management of institutions of the Catholic Church

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