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National Catholic Education Commission 

National Catholic Education Deputy Secretary: Vacant Position


Our aim is to:


- Make visible the Identity of Catholic schools in the country through various activities.
- Improve and strengthen our Catholic Education structure and governance in the country under the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands.
- Enable Catholic Education to be on par with the expectations of the Department of Education considering PNG Education Transformation Vision 2075.
- Maintain and improve our partnership agreement with the government of PNG under the National Education Act 1983.
- Establish and improve capacity-building programs for teachers and students in Catholic schools as well as our Catholic Education Secretaries and Catholic Education Coordinators.
- Provide professional development pathway for committed Catholic teachers to acquire training that qualifies them to aspire to leadership roles within Catholic schools.

The role of the Catholic Education Commission is mainly a coordination role for all catholic schools in the country through:


- Professional capacity building for Catholic Education Secretaries, Catholic Education Coordinators, Principals, Managers, and Head Teachers of all Catholic Schools in the country.

- Maintain partnerships with the government at the national level with the Department of Education, Teaching Service Commission, DHERST, and other relevant stakeholders.

- Provide coordination of disbursement of Grant In Aid (GIA) which is a funding to all Catholic Education Secretaries’ offices within the dioceses for operational support.

- Provide guidance and ensure compliance by the church agency schools in implementation of policy matters by the department.

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