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Social Communications

Secretary Sr. Daisy Anne Lisania Augustine MSC


Social Communications – 


The CBC Commission on Social Communications (SOCOM) promotes the voice of the Church in the public arena, interacts with the vast world of both Christian and secular media, develop, organizes and conducts media education and awareness programs, and forms Church media operators.


“We need to practice the art of listening, which is more than simply hearing.  Listening, in communication, is an openness of heart which makes possible that closeness without which genuine spiritual encounter cannot occur.” (EG171)


The SOCOM Commission is focused on sharing news, views and social issues of the faith events and current happenings in the Catholic Church and in the society. 

It is involved in communicating at grassroots level to bring about awareness of the stories of simple people.  

Aware of the different issues, the members of society can then, for the good of their society request for policy change at the level of government.  This is Social Communication.


Specific Actions

A.  Information:

  1. Disseminate relevant information on Church activities and concerns through the internet and social media, by means of radio, TV and print.

  2. Publish the monthly Catholic Reporterin PNG as an insert of the Wantok Niuspepa.  

  3. Collate the weekly news items and prepare the Catholic Church News to be recorded at Radio Maria and broadcast every Wednesday. The same is sent to the diocese for local broadcasting.

  4. Assist the Catholic Bishops Conference and the Church in general in attracting media attention on issues of particular social, moral and religious concerns.


B.  Formation:

Promote studies, courses, workshops, seminars and symposia potentially at any level and on any media related field both for the Church and the society at large.  Particular attention to be given to: clergy, pastoral workers, seminarians, students, youth, etc.


C.  Liaising:

Develop connection and interaction with media personnel and enterprises from both Church and secular media organizations to better enhance common values, communication strategies and positive messages.


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