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Religious Education Commission 


Secretary Sr Emma Lapun OLSH


 The National Catholic Education Coordinator’s work profile. (NCREC)


The National Catholic Religious Education Coordinator (NCREC) proclaims the Gospel primarily through implementing the Diocesan   pastoral plan in correlate   with the diocesan coordinators for school children and families in a framework that promotes lifelong formation in faith. The NCREC assists the diocesan coordinators in advocating a systematic religious education program (pre-school, kindergarten through 8th grade and high school). This includes gathered catechetical Lesson, being part of the National Education board council.

The NCREC  plays vital role in   articulates a vision of catechesis and the catechetical process based on the major Catechetical documents of the  Catholic Church at the top level down to the diocesan level,

(for example the General Directory for Catechesis and the National Directory for Catechesis among others), represents on behalf of the diocesan coordinators to promote and educate religious formation of children and family faith formation as well as maintaining a relationship with the diocesan coordinators in promoting Catholic Faith and its identity so as to  ongoing formation through participation in opportunities for Professional development in  assisting the diocesan  Coordinators  to evaluate and implement its role as a catechizing agent.

 Thus applies appropriate principles of human development, especially faith and moral development, to a catechetical program. Supports a program of catechist formation according to diocesan certification norms. Recognizes the various cultural expressions of Christian faith within the community, and

Incorporate them into parish programs, activities, and liturgical celebrations and also to Provides opportunities for participation in prayer, personal spiritual development and Communal worship.

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