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Communication Arts students attend three-day Media Seminar

Madang: The Social Communications Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands (CBC PNGSI) facilitated a three-day Media Education Seminar based on the theme; “LISTEN. Do everything with Love” from 21st to 23rd June 2022 at Divine Word University, Madang.

Facilitating the program were PGS Social Communication’s secretary and PGS Social Communications Director, Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, together with media officers: Miss Jessica Oata and Isabella Saleu. The participants were 17 dynamic students from DWU from all year levels and an animator from the Department of Communication Arts.

The seminar commenced with the Spirituality of Communication by Fr Ambrose. Next, Miss Saleu took the participants on a poster session which gave the students an opportunity to unleash their creativity by creating posters of events and motivational posters using online applications.

Miss Oata then took the photography session and highlighted two different types of photography which are Still Life and Created Life. The participants then took shots using the two genres and created a photo story using the 3 basic shots and photography guidelines.

The video sessions began with short films of 30 seconds and then using a storyboard, created longer films. The participants were challenged to have their films portray an inspiring message. Each group was given a topic from which they would highlight an issue. Topics included family, health, education, unemployment, social media, relationships, women, and youth.

Brigitte Pup a 2nd year student said, “We were all expecting that during the seminar we would sit through PowerPoint presentations, but we actually got to do hands on activities and that was really great as it really gave us a lot of exposure as well as an opportunity to learn more in the practical sessions”.

The Media Seminar was educative, entertaining, empowering and took on a unique slant for the participants as it dwelt on the Spirituality of Communications. “The participants were engaged all through the sessions and displayed dedication, commitment, unity and team work well portrayed through their productions”, said Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb.

Amongst those present for the screening during the presentation on 23rd June 2022 were Head of department Dr. Alphonse Aime, senior lecturer Mr. Patrick Matbob and CA Lecturer Mrs. Michaelyn Vamilat.

Dr. Aime commended those who attended the seminar and praised them for their dedication, focus and commitment throughout the program.

From the audience, Glen Bigiglen said he was pleased photography was dealt with at the seminar as it is essential to the journalism industry and few specialized in photography alone. He added that it needs to be resurrected and that the students would use what they have learnt during the seminar. There were moments of interaction, prayer and meditation, energizers, and group sharing.

This Media Seminar has been possible through the support of CARITAS Australia, MISSIO, SIGNIS, the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Catholic Bishops Conference.

Gratitude to Fr Philip Gibbs svd, President of Divine Word University, Dr Alphonso Aime, Head of the Communications Arts Department and the staff of Divine Word University, Madang for making available the facilities and the equipment needed for the program.

Comments from the participants:

“I enjoyed all the sessions but what really stood out for me was that we got to begin every day with prayer. Some of us go to church just once a week and this was a different experience. It really showed me the importance of having a relationship with God and communicating with Him every day as that would give me a balance in my relationship with others. Even the mediations helped to put me at ease before I began my day.” - Ahisha Mangot, 4th year.

“All the sessions we had were great and I liked that we got to do practical work in groups of mixed year levels. This allowed me to learn from what the seniors in my group were doing and it was such a great experience especially as a first year.” - Auckley R Begani, 1st Year.

“The session on Theology of Communication really gave me a new insight as to how I can be the best of what I am as a communicator. Communication is an everyday thing but for that to work out well, first we have to have a vertical relationship with God before a horizontal relationship with people can start.” - Phyllia Pisep, 4th year.

“All the sessions were up to standard, but I really liked the spiritual aspect of the program. I enjoyed the session on Spirituality of Communication as it was my first time sitting through such a session.” - Chrisostoma Pais, 2nd year.

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