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Komkui, Mt. Hagen: His Eminence Sir John Cardinal Ribat, MSC, DD, MBE, celebrated Holy Eucharist with Komkui people of Mt. Hagen, in commemoration of the 40 years of Peace Covenant.

The people of Moge Komonka and Moge Kuipi Tribes (Komkui) of Western Highlands celebrated 40 years anniversary of the Peace Covenant their fathers and grandfathers had made; (18/12/1980-18/12/2020). Friday December 18, 2020, educated elites, the leaders, and prominent business men and women of Komkui all gathered for the celebration. They all stood together and pledged to maintain peace and avoid fighting, now and into the future.

They sincerely acknowledged and appreciated what their fathers and grandfathers had done for them and what they are now greatly benefiting from. It was for these peace covenant that they have had a peaceful life, and witnessed tremendous successes in education, spiritual growth, health and social development, prosperity and many more. In their preparation for the week long celebration, they also built a monument to help them remember this very special peace covenant.

The community stood united with one vision for future; that is to acknowledge Christian Faith and the Act of Forgiveness, maintain the Covenant with God, and live by His Word and their pillars. The pillars are; Strong Family, Leadership, Integrity, Hard Work, Love and Peace, Education, Prosperity, and Globalisation.

This anniversary celebration reminded them of the dawn of a new era of life, with complete peace and harmony they have enjoyed for the last forty years. It has never been until February 22, 1942, when their fathers decided to forgive their enemies, end violent tribal conflicts and work for peace. After these forty years, they openly declared to maintain peace and remain this way following what their fathers have envisioned for them.

Sir John Cardinal Ribat, Archbishop of Port Moresby Archdiocese was accompanied by Archbishop Douglas Young, SVD, Bishop of Mt. Hagen Archdiocese, at the event. After the Eucharistic celebration, the Cardinal blessed and unveiled the monument. This finally ended the week long celebration (11-18 Dec.) successfully leaving them completely satisfied deep in their hearts.

Later that day, the whole celebration was smoothly and perfectly ended in a more cultural manner by the most perfect act of sharing and exchanging food with one and other; the flawless manifestation of this peace that they declare to maintain and uphold.

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