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Promoting the call to Holiness

-       Melissa Jones


CBC, Gordons: The Catholic Bishops Conference’s (CBC) New Evangelization Commission, hosted a program for the police chaplains and police personnel at CBC on Tuesday 9th April 2019. 


The program had as it theme “A Call to Holiness,” which highlighted the call within the profession of police sergeants and CIS personnel’s and how they value their call, in terms of promoting holiness in their career.  


In attendance at the program were 25 police sergeants and CIS personnel that consisted of females and a few males. 


The program was facilitated by the Secretary for New Evangelization, Sr Marilyn Akonoh MSC and Mr Peter Ova, member of the Diocesan Pastoral Animation Team from the Archdiocese of Port Moresby. 


“The police personnel were happy to experience the hospitality at CBC”, said Sr Marilyn.


The program was an awareness on the Pastoral Plan with its vision and mission and the different stages of journey within the diocese. It is also connected to the National Conference Pastoral Plan which falls under the Commission for New Evangelization. 

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