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Jingles reinforce ‘Stay at Home’

-       Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb


Amidst the tense situation brought about by COVID-19, new and creative ways to engage young people, harness their creativity and develop their talents are sought.  Non-contact sports, talent competitions, reflective sessions, value-based films, etc. are a few possibilities.


Putting rhyme and rhythm together for short jingles is an interesting way to get young people reflect on the presence situation, ponder on the messages received and communicate the same to others. 


Young people and especially the residents of Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko, Savio Haus, Bomana and Mary Our Help, Boroko have been picking up messages from their superiors and teachers.  The session was an opportunity to reflect on what they hear, reinforce it for themselves and share it through the jingles they produced. The aspirants of Savio Haus, Bomana had a session on 14th April while a session was held on the 18th April for the residents of Mary Our Help Hostel, Boroko. 


Several small groups reinforced the ‘Stay at home’ and ‘social distancing’ messages.  Others shared their thoughts of what they understood of the corona virus.  The jingles also highlighted the care for the planet and the need to keep our environment clean.


The invitation is also for the students to write songs and put them to an attractive and lively beat that will connect with other young people. “Record your tunes using your iPhone or smartphone. Share it with your friends on social media. It is a simple way to get the very important message across to other young people”, said Fr Ambrose Pereira as he brought the session to a close.  Gratitude to Fr Dominic Kachira sdb, Sr Juliet De Leon fma, Sr Carmencita Rodriguez fma and the attentive students who have made the session possible.


The recorded tracks will be sent to Radio Maria and NBC to be edited for use if found suitable.

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