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Let Jesus be the Gatekeeper of Your Life: Archbishop Francesco Panfilo on Vocation Sunday 2020

-         Trevor Trey Pasman

           Monday 4th May 2020

SACRED HEART CATHEDRAL VUNAPOPE– In his homily at mass during Mass on Vocation Sunday on the 3rdMay 2020, the first seventh and first Salesian prelate of Rabaul reflected on the gospel reading of the day (John 10:1-10) to warn faithful on the behaviours and thinking that induce a fake sense of happiness and fulfilment but have a negative impact on our lives.

He noted that during this time when the world conditions people to be thirst for material and secular wants, many are tempted to engage in the quest for power, fame and wealth often keeps us blind to the detrimental impacts this has on our spirituality.

“Tude ol kain manmeri i save kam na i bringim kain kain pasin o toktok long haus dua bilong laip bilong yumi.     Ol i raunim laip bilong yumi na ol i tok long Sampela i kam wantaim tok gris na i tok: kisim biknem bilong maritim planti meri bai mekim yumi amamas.”


mekim yumi amamas. Sampela i kam na i tok: pawa bilong gan bai mekim yumi amamas.        nating na bai dispela mekim yumi amamas. Sampela i kam wantaim mani na i tok: pasin 

‘Jesus is the good shepherd, the gate keeper who lays down to sleep at the gate to protect his people,’ the archbishop urged. ‘Let Jesus be the gate keeper of your lives.’ Through Jesus we have the help that is the Holy Spirit to help guard and guide us from that which will lead us astray in life.

“Tude Jisas i tokim yumi olsem: “Mi yet mi dua” (Jo 10:9). Yes, larim Jisas i stap olsem haus dua bilong laip bilong yu. Em i save pinis wanem samting i gutpela na wanem samting i nogut. Em yet tasol i save bringim grasia na blesing bilong God i kam insait long laip bilong yumi. Em i kam long dispela as tasol bai yumi olgeta i kisim laip. Olgeta narapela samting bilong dispela graun i no inap long mekim yumi stap gut na amamas. Jisas i tok klia olsem: “Tasol mi, mi kam bilong ol i ken kisim laip, na bai laip i ken pulap tru long ol” (Jo 10:10).”

Homing in on Vocations as the main theme for the day, Archbishop Panfilo reiterated the call for more qualityvocationsand urged for everyone to pray for more young men and women to the priesthood and religious life and to continue to pray for those who are already on the path to this life.

Olsem long“VokesenSande”yumipremoa yet long God bai em i ken makim sampela pikinini bilong yumi yet long kamap pater o sista o brata. Vokesenemi presen bilong God yet. “Yupela i no bin makim mi bilong i stap wantaim yupela. Nogat. Mi makim yupela bilong i stap ol lain bilong mi” (Jon 15:16).

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