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A joyful response to God

Sr. Sylvian Aua makes her first profession as a Cluny sister

-       Bathsheba Sanau


Sr. Sylvian Aua SJC made her First Profession on 18th May 2019 at the St Joseph’s Parish, Boroko. 


She is the second sister from Papua New Guinea to join the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny (SJC) congregation. With the theme: ‘I have called you by name and you are mine’ (Is.43:1), the program began with a eucharist celebration that was celebrated by Bp Peter Baquero sdb, Bishop of Kerema together with six priests. Present to rejoice and pray for Sr Sylvian were religious, relatives and friends.


Sr. Sylvian, dressed in her traditional cultural bilas, accompanied by the members of her family made her way to the altar. There she handed over her grass skirt and necklaces, signifying a complete surrender and a total commitment to God in her beloved Cluny congregation.


Holding aloft a lighted candle she took the three vows and made her profession to live chaste, poor and obedient as a religious sister. Regional Superior of the congregation, Sr Rachel Arputham SJC, received her vows and welcomed her to the congregation. 


“Today I am very happy”, said Sr Sylvian.  “The day I have been looking forward to has arrived. I owe my thanks to God, the Cluny sisters, my family, relatives and all who have supported me”, she said.  


She made special mention of Bp Peter, Bishop of Kerema, her high school principal, Fr Francis for the use of St Joseph’s parish, Mr Sam Kaipu for his commentary and for the presence and support of everyone on this special occasion.  


“I am born in a non-Catholic family, grown up with the Salesians and have my faith and vocation nurtured by the Cluny sisters. I am grateful to Sr Rachel, Regional leader for receiving my vows”, said Sr. Sylvian. 


“We are all united in faith and spirit with our sisters in Australia and West Africa where Sylvian spent three years of her formation. Today’s gathering reminds us that ‘God is alive’, and he continues to invite people to do His mission in this present world.  We pray that Sylvian Aua joyfully responds to the Lord through our congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny”, said Sr Teresa.


The Missionary Congregation was started by Bl. Anne Marie Javouhey, in 1807, after the French Revolution. Today, the sisters’ number 2500 are from 44 different nationalities.  They are working in 56 countries. The sisters commenced their work in Kanabea, Gulf province, Papua New Guinea in 1971 and are still committed in Kaabea and Bema.  Present in the congregation are two sisters. They look forward to many more young women joining their congregation.

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