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UPNG Students on Empowering Youth through Media

- Nigel Akuani

Port Moresby: Five Journalism students from the University of Papua New Guinea discussed the theme: Empowering Youth through Media, on the Chat Room. 

 It is the program’s sixth session broadcasted on NBC’s Tribe FM 92.0 on Wednesday 17th April.

The students defined media and the role it plays in society, the advantages and disadvantages of media, and the possible solutions of how the media could be used to empower youths.

2nd Year Journalism student, Peddyson Moinga spoke of the various forms of media in use today, and how the innovation of new technology has outgrown all the traditional forms of media. “There is radio, TV and print media. These are the main three. But social media is now being accessed more frequently than any other media platform.”

Claudia Tally, 3rdYear Journalism student said the effect and impact of media on society was very extensive. She maintained that although media was good, it was also bad. “Media today is very influential. It influences how we act and behave.  Social media today, has drastically affected our interaction between people.”

Journalism 4thYear student, Maryboio Nigani defined youth empowerment and strongly suggested that opportunities created by the media engage young people. “Limitation in education and unemployment are the main causes of why youth feel left out. Media can contribute to society, and get young people engaged in something bigger.”

Journalism 4thyear student, Ricky Israel, said youth empowerment was not only the responsibility of the government, but one that belonged to each individual to enforce. “As individuals we have to think of how we can assist in reaching out to empower youths, that is both inspirational and educational.”

4th Year Journalism student, Elizerbeth Guka said, “There should be more programs like ‘Chat Room’ that engages young people in expressing their opinions about social issues.”

Guest panellist and Secretary for Social Communications of the Catholic Bishops Conference Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, said the main purpose of the media was to inform, educate, entertain, and be inspirational. He advised that for every story, video, image or clip shared through the different media platforms had to provide a positive aspect to be able to empower people, especially young people.

A listener of the show David Brei, through a text message wanted to know from the panellists how media could be used to help and empower the majority of people still living in the rural regions of Papua New Guineans.

The seventh session will be hosted on Wednesday 24th April at 2:30pm with students from Jubilee Catholic Secondary School sharing their thoughts on Street Safety: Secure in Port Moresby.

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