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330 children receive Sacrament of Confirmation

- Catholic Communications, Archdiocese of Honiara

Honiara: A total of 330 children of St. Mary Tanagai Parish received the sacrament of confirmation on Sunday 18th October in the Archdiocese of Honiara.

The church program was led by Rev. Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP and assisted by Tanagai Parish Priest Fr. Godfrey with beautiful singing led by confirmers and youths. According to a statement from the Parish Chairman, the 330 children were from communities of Vura, Tamboko, Veraboli and Tanagai.

When congratulating the confirmation candidates, Archbishop Chris encouraged them

Some of the Candidates posed with Archbi

to always walk in the light, choose and make wise decisions and to listen to their parents’ advice. He also

encouraged parents to continue to give good advice to their children. 

“Parents should always give your children good advice in the way the bible teaches us, and the way Jesus wants us to live,” the Archbishop stated.

The Archbishop’s sermon was from the Gospel of St. Mathew Chapter 22 versus 15 to 22. Based on the Scripture reading, Archbishop Chris encouraged Christians to give honor and Glory back to the creator of both heaven and earth and all that is good. He also made strong remarks about criticising one another.

“Let us not criticise other Christians beliefs or our neighbours’ weaknesses. Instead, we should help, pray and love them just as God loves us by sending His son Jesus Christ who died for us on the Cross,” he said.

Sunday School Coordinator of Tanagai Parish and chairman said Sunday’s event was a great blessing for the communities around the Parish and also for the 330 candidates to hold the program despite the pandemic. The celebration concluded with feasting and entertainment.

One Girl Recieved confirmation and bless
Candidates posed before recieved the sac
3 candidates from Tanagai posed  after r
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