Diocese of Wabag Donates Relief Supplies

-          Fr Newman Kingi 


Wabag, Enga Province: The Catholic Diocese of Wabag in Enga Province, has stepped forward in an effort to assist victims of frost and other natural calamities. 

Assistance was given through the supply of seed banks, water tanks and jerry cans, and is part of a five-year Aid Program of CDW headed by Sr. John Mary FIHM, Secretary of Bishop Arnold Orowae of Wabag, to help its disaster-stricken population. 

Enga province over recent months has been hard hit by prolonged drought and famine and the water tanks supplied will cater for water provision for the seeds during the dry season.

12000 seeds have already been distributed in the province’s four districts of Wapendamanda, Wabag, Lagiam- Porgera and Kandep. Prior to the distribution of seeds, a total of 49 training workshops were conducted with selected people from the four districts.

Sr John Mary with stock of seeds and mill.

The training focused on planting, nurturing, and production of the seeds; food processing, preservation and sustainability; methods of cooking, and operation of mill machines. The Diocese of Wabag is located in the higher altitude and remote villages are prone to experiencing frost. Heavy downpour is occasionally the cause of environmental damage.

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