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CPS calls for end to SOE


Catholic Professional Society PNG


The Catholic Professional Society has strongly called for end to the State of Emergency period, stating that it inflictedunnecessary suffering to the people of PNG. This was outlined in a formal letter from CPS President, Paul Harricknen, addressed on 22ndMay, to the Chair of Parliamentary Committee on SOE.


He stressed that though were no deaths from COVID19, the impact of the lockdown on social practices, the education and economic sector were very severe that threatened the livelihood of people and the operation of businesses.


Mr Harricknen expressed disappointment at the government’s choice to extend the SOE for 14-days, and called on members of parliament to seek advice from its own citizens and advisers who already hadlocal data and evidence on the COVID19 scenario in PNG.


Reflecting on the recent parliament sitting that proposed the Public Health Emergency Bill, he stated the bill rather than preventing coronavirus, was structured more toward controlling and denying people their constitutional rights. He urged for the government to consult widely on the proposed law before introducing it in Parliament. 

Hon. Robert Naguri, MP

Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on State of Emergency

National Parliament

PO Parliament House


National Capital District


Dear Hon. Robert Naguri,




We take this time to commend the Executive Government and Parliament for the precautionary measures taken in the first 14 days and the subsequent extension of the 2 months State of Emergency (SOE). Prudence of Government and providence of God have saved us well from the onslaught of the unseen enemy in the coronavirus Covid-19. We believe God will see our nation and her people through under the repentant and humble leadership of our Prime Minister and his Government.


We write to call for the END to the State of Emergency (SOE) related to the Covid-19 pandemic. While we as country, people, and government authorities are to keep vigilance and maintenance of the basic rules of observances with much awareness already in place we are of the view that there is no need to continue the State of Emergency.


While the world community are still experiencing tragic deaths and sufferings from the unseen enemy we in PNG have been blessed and lucky but by no means for us to be complacent. 


Our main focus on restrictions should now turn to the entry points and borders from the air, sea, and ground and observing good health and hygiene practices. PNG must also be vigilant with Covid-19 related health issues of gene testing and vaccination advices and promotions by international organisations such as the WHO and other UN agencies whose integrity is already being questioned. It will be irresponsible for our leaders to unnecessarily subject and endanger our people to drugs and vaccinations without the benefit of their properly researched and verified application. 


We implore our leaders to require medical doctors and scientists to provide properly researched and analysed advice on SOE extension. PNG medical doctors and scientists could look at Madagascar’s Covid organics for lessons on herbal treatment than being mere takers of decisions of WHO and other UN agencies. Knowledge of Covid-19 is developing and PNG should not be used as “guinea pig”.


Furthermore, controversies involving Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fausi of USA on coronavirus, vaccination, and depopulation agenda should be investigated for their truth and veracity. 


As a faith based group, we also believe the coronavirus Covid-19 has characteristics of demons. Churches’ view on this should be sought for spiritual insight and discernment.


We share the following extract of a personal reflection from Archbishop Francesco Panfilo of Rabaul Catholic Archdiocese who has been with the struggles of his people during the months of the SOE. We quote part of His Lordship’s reflections and attach the full text of the reflection which we find are worth reflecting on by all of us as country, leaders, and people -


“Congratulations too to the Prime Ministerfor locking down the country, closing the borders and restricting internal movements. Why did the P.M. do that? To PREVENT the spread of the virus.


To back up the Government’s decision, our leaders constantly referred back to what was happening in Europe, in the USA and other countries of the world. They referred back to the great number of infected people and of the dead in those countries but they failed to mention – probably they did not know – the mistakes committed in some of those countries in handling the spread of the virus.Our leaders used to say – there are videos as evidence – “that one infects three; three infect nine, nine infect twenty seven, ect.” At the beginning of April an additional two months were added to the State of Emergency and after the first four weeks of lockdown, another four were added, because of what was happening in the rest of the world, rather than what was happening in Papua New Guinea.


Yes, here in PNG there were some positive cases: 2 in ENBP, 1 in NCD, 1 in Goroka, 3 in Western Province. They were positive to COVID 19, but they were all well.


Many people kept on asking questions, without getting real answers: How come that these positive people did not infect anybody, not even their own close relatives? Can our leaders tell the countrywhy? Can the World Health Organization (WHO) tell us, rather than to forecast that the worse is still to come? 


And if the scientists of WHO cannot give us any answer, are they willing to learn something from us and from the poor countries of the world? Or are we not to be considered just because we are poor?

And if our leaders were to say: “We don’t know”, then why continue to rely on what we are told by WHO - “that COVID 19 is here to stay” - or by what’s happening abroad? The only and sure evidence we have, as of now, is that 8 people were found positive, that they are all well; and that they did not infect any one. That’s the evidence!It is time to take back PNG from a colonial and cargo cult mentality and rely on the blessings God has poured upon the people of Papua New Guinea in terms of human and natural resources, rather than to follow everything we are told by foreign funding agencies.”


We add that while we thank WHO for donating 10,000 GeneXpert cartridges, will these cartridges tell us why those positive 8 cases did not infect anybody else? The Parliament imposed the SOE and locked down the country for almost 2 months on the premise that 1 positive person infects 3, 3 infects 9, and 9 infects 27, etc. It did not happen. Why? Can WHO tell the nation why so that the Parliament can do the obvious? 


We also believe that out of the eight confirmed or suspected cases there are more questions than answers to our situation in PNG. It will be irresponsible for us to continue receiving funds and PPEs from donors (both local and international) and continue to subject our people to more restrictions and tests running the risk of unforeseen implications.


We have no deaths yet from C19 but we are already experiencing staggering social, educational and economic impact in our livelihood and businesses. Our children’s education is seriously affected. Some children especially of lower grades are not attending classes out of fear and anxiety. 


Keeping social/physical distance, wearing face masks, and washing hands with soap and water and sanitizing do not need SOE. Ongoing good health and hygiene practices must be continued.


There are more reasons to end the SOE than not. While the government and the C19 task force will act from their best available medical and scientific advices, it is our view that the National Parliament rejects any proposal to extend the SOE.








Paul Harricknen



CC:      Hon. James Marape, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

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