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Two priestly ordinations have highlighted the diamond Jubilee of the Gizo Catholic Diocese.

Fr Benedict Qelo from Sareana (Lauru) and Fr Aritoka from Harapa (Nila Parish Shortland) were ordained respectively on Saturday 18 and 24 with great participation of people from every denomination. The fear of the pandemic has delayed the 2 ordinations, this however gave more time to the people and the 2 candidates to prepare materially and spiritually.

Both Villages displayed a great capacity for managing the events and making it a moment of renewal of their faith. The Bishop in His homily challenged the two newly ordained to take at heart their task of PREACHING, SASNCTIFYING AND GUIDING the people by their being a sign of Jesus the high priest who died serving the people in the same threefold mission assigned to them to continue in His name.

The catholic diocese of Gizo has been struggling to rebuild its churches and schools damaged and destroyed by earthquake and tsunami and the April 2 2017. It can now look forward to consolidate and localize its clergy in a matter of few years more. May the Lord bless abundantly this diocese with more local priests as it took on the education of its youth as a number one priority during these past years.

Happy diamond Jubilee to the Gizo Diocese who will have their priests meeting in Gizo this week to finalize proposals on how to grow spiritually and dynamically faithful to our mission of service to our communities.

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