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Cause for Canonization: A call for collaboration

Rabaul: With the cause and the process of the canonization of Rabaul’s own Blessed Peter Torot been taking a significant progress over the last couple of years, Archbishop Rochus Tatamai MSC is now putting a call for a collaborative work by all for the process.

(His Grace Archbishop Rochus Tatamai MSC)

The Archbishop aired out in his Pastoral Letter dated May 26, 2024 on the Feast of the Blessed Holy Trinity that despite facing hardship in proving miracles that are attributed to Blessed Peter Torot scientifically, the Holy Father has opened the cause for Canonizing Blessed Peter Torot. Leaving us now with just one last important task to do; prepare a series of encounters that sees the intercession of Blessed Peter Torot.

“To complete the entire process, it is necessary to prepare a series of documents to present to the dicastery. Once the dicastery has approved them, they will be sent to the Holy Father for the final approval”.

Being the best-case scenario on hand, the Archbishop is now pleading for all dioceses to help contribute with written/ recorded testimonies that can be compiled and sent.

“All you have to do is, write down the grace you have received, indicating your name, address and the date of which it has occurred. For example, if you have been cured of an illness, thanks to Peter Torot, you should write down what your illness was and how you were helped by Peter Torot.

These written testimonies will then be collected by various parish priests and then sent to the Archbishop, who will then send to a Priest who is in Rome to be presented to the dicastery.

Other than that, the Archbishop also mentioned that there are two other important things that we as Christians can do to help the process of the canonization of Blessed Peter Torot as well.

And that is, to pray, so that God the Father can help make things possible, and secondly is to help organize fundraisers as the entire process towards the canonisation involves significant administrative expenses.

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