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When Pastoral Ministry navigates the web

EAO Social Communications 5th online session

The fifth session of the East Asia Oceania (EAO) Salesian Communicators School of Formation entitled, ‘When pastoral ministry navigates the web’ was held on December 1, 2021.

38 participants of the EAO region attended this enlightening and reflective session that had Fr. Miguel Ángel García Morcuende, General Councilor for Youth Ministry presented in detail our situation amidst the anthropological context, the digital dynamics and the need for a credible and dynamic witness as we engage and network with young people.

His presentation consisted of 5 parts in guiding the Salesian Pastoral ministers in their internet navigation. The first point was Collaboration and Networking Dynamics of Social Communication; Media Generation; Two Paradigms, The two Educative-Pastoral Perspectives; The Anthropological Primacy of Digital Communication at the Service of the Person of the Young and A Friendly Hand for the Transmission of the Gospel.

Further, he added some Practical Applications for the Salesian Youth Ministry and Digital Dynamics. Fr Miguel also explained the collaboration and the dialogue between the youth ministry delegate and the social communication delegate in social media to accompany the young people in the acquisition of a critical awareness that must become a mental habit.

In concluding his talk, Fr. Miguel said “the current context obliges us to design every pastoral action within SEPP, including action in the field of communication. Communication like pastoral ministry is not an improvised practice. It requires study, sensitivity, and specific cultural competence.”

A forum for questions and answers by the participants was opened and had sharing and interaction based on their experience in their own provinces.

Evangelization in our non-Christian context, being credible witnesses and living up to what is uploaded in a blog, sermon, images or words posted, were passionately discussed, in our efforts to become digital missionaries today. Reflecting and sharing our spirituality is an opportunity that needs to have its place in the digital spaces where our young people exist. Efforts need to be made to ensure a systematic and regular manner of sharing and uploading.

Following this, Fr. Gildasio Mendes, the General Councilor for Social Communication invited the participants to reflect on being true and real evangelizers in the digital arena. The session was moderated by Fr. Ambrose Pereira, Social Communication of EAO Coordinator.

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