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Students create inspiring films and jingles

Boroko, Port Moresby: With the theme ‘Listen. Do everything with LOVE’, the third Media Education Seminar held at the Marian Hall, Don Bosco Technological Institute on Saturday June 4th, 2022 had the participation of 48 dynamic students and animators from eight Catholic agency schools in the nation’s capital.

Facilitated by the Social Communications Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNGSI, the intense but insightful seminar focused on Audio and Video basics and was aimed at equipping the students with basic knowledge on how to use audio and video to bring about positive and inspiring messages to others.

The first session presented by SOCOM officer, Isabella Saleu, focused on the introduction to audio and jingles which enabled the young minds to understand the different types of audio and how jingles are used in the broadcasting industry.

Presenting on jingles to inspire was SOCOM officer, Nigel Akuani, who stressed on creating inspiring jingles. A short activity enabled the students to come up with inspiring jingles on the topic of their choice followed by presentations of their jingles.

The third session focusing on video basics was presented by SOCOM officer, Jessica Oata. The session dwelled on the importance of videos, the different types of camera shots, creating videos with a message and the different types of films.

The final session was presented by senior SOCOM officer, Abigail Seta, and focused on the 30 seconds of fame which enabled student representatives from each school to talk about a topic of their choice for 30 seconds on camera.

A practical filming activity for short films and 30 seconds of fame followed after the sessions which allowed the students to put into practice the techniques and skills that they acquired. The day ended on a high note with jubilant spirits as the students and animators appreciated and critically analyzed the films they produced during the presentations.

Social Communications Secretary Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb was delighted with the dedication, commitment, and zeal of the participants. “Our young people are talented and creative and given a platform, they can express themselves through the digital media. We look forward to the Film Festival in early August that will showcase creative films that will highlight the theme for this year: ‘Listen and do everything with love’. Thanks to the principals and the animators for all the support and encouragement they give their media club,” he stated.

Animator for Don Bosco Technological Institute Ms. Lucy Napitalai congratulated the students for being so vibrant whilst working under pressure to meet deadlines.

Animator of La Salle Technical College, Mr Wallace Kuvi, challenged the students to continue to let their products be an echo of change amongst their peers and society.

“I am always pleased to see young people taking part in such activities to inspire and bring about positive changes to their peers, so it is your challenge to let your productions be echoes of inspiration to other young people,” he stated.

The eight schools that participated in the third Media Education Seminar are Marianville Secondary School, St Charles Lwanga Secondary School, Limana Vocational Centre, La Salle Technical College, Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, Don Bosco Technical School, Don Bosco Technological Institute and St Joseph’s International Catholic College.

The next Media Education Seminar is set to be held on Saturday, July 2nd and will focus more on Short Films in preparation for the International Short Film Festival that will be held in August.

Comments from the participants:

“I liked the games and interaction between the other schools that helped us to get to know each other. Also, every single part of the session where we get to learn new stuff.” –Nathan Gehala, Don Bosco Technological Institute

“The part where we went around taking video shots at different locations, it was actually my first time doing all that so I’m just grateful for the experience.” –Daniel Lepani, student of Jubilee Catholic Secondary School

“What I enjoyed most about the seminar was the short video filming. It really allowed a lot of us to express ourselves and creativity through films.” –Franclyne Akrakri, student of St Charles Lwanga Secondary School

“What I liked most about the seminar is the filming, how to film, how to convey a message to inspire through filming, to speak in front of a camera like you’re talking to a person, like the 30 seconds of fame.” –Jireh Asinimbu, Marianville Secondary School

“The explanation of the presentations and I got to learn new things like how to produce a jingle.” –Kristoffa Ephraim, student of Don Bosco Technical School

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