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South Asia and EAO Publishing Houses meet

Papua New Guinea, Oct. 10. Persons responsible for publishing houses in the South Asia and East Asia Oceania Region met online on October 7, at 8 am Rome time. The meet has helped the publishers get to know each other, understand the work done by each Salesian Publisher, synergize efforts and share resources to the advantage and benefit of all those connected with the mission.

''It is an opportunity for us to share information, give visibility and be known by our publications and our productions'', said Father Gildàsio Mendes, Councillor for Social Communications. He reminded the gathering that the products have quality and a Salesian identity. Father Mendes further invited them to have a strategy and a program to network with others in the region and the world. In preparation for the celebration of St Francis de Sales, he invited the publishing houses to work on publishing a book, calendar, posters or prayer cards. Father Ernest Rosario, Coordinator of the South Asia Region, highlighted the need and the relevance for printed content in our digital age. ''The print medium is credible and trustworthy, tangible and engaging. People across all demographics, including the millennials, have not ditched it,'' said Father Rosario as he outlined the need and the importance of Salesian publishing houses. Marta Palomares, Director of Edebe Salesian Publications, Spain, chaired the interaction. Edebe Salesian Publications is a publishing house started by Don Bosco and today is a large publishing house engaged in publishing educational books for schools, literature for children and teenagers and a host of digital books. ''As Salesian Publishers, we belong to a group that can create synergy, share resources and be visible to society'', she said. Father Sivy Koroth, in charge of the Kristu Jyoti publications, Bangalore, spoke of theological, youth ministry, catechetical publications and other Salesian materials. Brother Shaji shared about the publications in the regional language, Malayalam, and the book stores offline and online. Father Samuel Ku highlighted the work done to translate Salesian Spiritual books into Korean. Brother Pham Hong Phuoc paid credit to the efforts of Father Peter Chinn. He added that the translation of books, films and comic books are ongoing. Father Ambrose Pereira, EAO Social Communications Coordinator, spoke of the 800 oral languages in Papua New Guinea, the need for people to write and document their history, programs and reflections and the struggle to get articles ready for the Salesian Bulletin. The online meeting had the presence of Father Gildàsio Mendes, Councillor for Social Communications; Marta Palomares, EDEBE Director; Father Ernest Rosario, South Asia Coordinator; Father Ambrose Pereira, EAO Coordinator; Father Sivy Koroth, KJC publications; Brother Shaji Nedumpurath; Father Samuel Ku, Korea and Brother Pham Hong Phuoc, Vietnam

A few were unable to attend the meeting. We look forward to greater interaction, collaboration and networking with the different publishing houses of the region as well as those across the world.

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