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  • Ahisha Mangot and Donovan Pintol

SOCOM facilitates Heat Press Printing at WCD celebrations

Gerehu, Port Moresby: During the World Communication Day celebration on Sunday May 12 at St Charles Lwanga Parish, the Social Communications Commission organized an outside activity at the Parish Hall and had speeches and practical activities that had everyone working together as a team.

(Students and their animators from Sacred Heart Teachers College taking part in the Heat Press Printing activity)

Present as guests during the program was His Grace Archbishop Rochus Tatamai MSC, including UPNG Catholic Chaplain Fr. Henry Natowosi OP, St. Charles Lwanga Parish Priest, Fr Robert Spania MSC, MSC Sister Provincial Sr Dorothy Patiu MSC,  Principals, Media Animators and a few parishioners.

Parish Priest Fr Robert Spania MSC in a hearty welcome said that it was an honour for his parish to host the 58th World Communication Day.

“I’m grateful to CBC SOCOM for their initiative of making people know the importance of communication, especially in forming them to understand church communication and I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar on communication for priests last year. May all of us gathered here continue to be communicators of hope in this digital age”

In his address to the students, Archbishop Tatamai stressed on the importance of adapting to the changes that come in the world of communications and using it for good, giving an example of a dialogue between a robot and a human being.

“The robot was boasting and telling the human that he can do anything humans are capable of and even better. Then the human said, you can do everything, except, you don’t have a heart and emotional intelligence.”

He then urged those present to communicate good messages from their hearts and to communicate with love.

The highlight of the program was the practical activity which had the eager students, their animators and the parish youth on their toes as they learned how to do ‘Heat – Press’ Printing using AI and other materials such as steam iron, baking paper and dark transfer papers.

Principal of Sacred Heart Teachers College Mrs Rose Polume said that she was so impressed with the skills she learned.

“This is a very good initiative, and our school has many events coming like the Catholic Teachers Day so instead of us spending money to buy shirts for those special days, our Media Club can actually do the printing and the administration can buy from them”.

The activities ended with the presentation of the Printed T-Shirts to the guests who had joined in the celebrations – His Grace Archbishop Rochus Tatamai MSC, MSC Sister Provincial Sr Dorothy Patiu MSC, Parish Priest Fr Robert Spania MSC, UPNG Catholic Students Chaplain Fr Henry Natowosi OP, Principals from the schools that attended.

Everyone then shared a delicious meal prepared by the CBC Hospitality team, the MSC Sisters and some biscuits donated by Lae Biscuit Company before departing to their respective schools and institutions.

Following the theme for this year’s World Communication Day “Artificial Intelligence and the Wisdom of the Heart: Towards a fully Human Communication”, SOCOM invited schools to be a part of the celebration, Limama Vocational Center, La Salle Secondary School, De La Salle Secondary School, Don Bosco Technological Institute, Don Bosco Technical School, Sacred Heart Teachers College and the University of Papua New Guinea Catholic Students Association (UPNGCSA) who led a beautiful liturgy with their angelic choir.

The program was sponsored by CBC SOCOM and the Lae Biscuit Company.

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