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PNG: A Country with Great opportunity

As all we know, women and children are as important and equal to men, it can be very challenging for women if we put our effort with the society cooperation as well of everyone participation it could be possible, to find ways and means to empower women empowerment and child development.


Extensions of working area Bourgaina and Cap Rodney

Drop out children Survey in our target area

Opening of Tuition Centre’s in five settlement and two villages

Enrolling 50 children in mainstream (regular school)

Campaign for the children parliament children

Recharging the children’s energy to go back to the school happily

Preparation for Catering and Sewing training

Opening of new Vocational skill center’s

1. Extension of new area:

We have conducted the formal meeting for only catholic women who were available in the first week of January 3rd 2021. Sr.Catherine DMI given introduction about DMI work and service in PNG if you could think that we will support to you mean can start here in Bourgeina too. The women agreed to join in SHG to empower them.

2. DMI initiative aims to educate everyone in our target area:

Education is the rights of the children and right time they should be educated with the care and support of the parents we DMI specially concentrate on poor, orphan and semi orphan children who are not cared properly.

We hope on settlement and villages has urged SHG group leaders and members to take survey all the dropouts in our target area started small group tuition center’s after two month DMI will enrollee them in the mainstreaming of regular school, initiative aims to educate everyone

3. Opening of Tuition Centre is in Kogeva:

4. Tuition Centre in Pari:

On 21st, we have started the Tuition Centre in Pari village 23 children got selected out of 42 children who are eligible dropouts past, two to three years admitted in the tuition Centre.

With study material’s as well as some dress to come for the class regular from 10 to 12 am everyday one to two months after that they are admitted in regular school with study material’s and the sets of uniforms.

Tuition Centre in Pari:

Above age 15, we have formed as youth group in few settlements to train them in life skill training

Specially providing awareness education on respect and reverence to the peer group/young Girls through positive motivation to improve the quality living of the youth groups.

Sr.Catherine DMI.

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