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  • Ms. Jennifer Aure

Kerygma Course on New Evangelization

Mt Hagen: The New Evangelization office of the Catholic Bishops Conference of PNGSI hosted an intensive training for two weeks for the Catechists and Church Leaders of the Archdiocese of Mt. Hagen.

The training was held in the Youth Centre, Rebiamul, Mt. Hagen from the 10th –22nd January and had thirty-one catechists and church leaders present for the training on “Kerygma Course on New Evangelization”.

The word ‘Kerygma’ in Greek means: ‘to cry out or to proclaim’. Kerygma Course on New Evangelization means, “to proclaim about the New Evangelization to our Catholics’. The aim of this course is to train Catholic Leaders in New Evangelization in the dioceses. They will then use new methods to strengthen the faith of the Catholics by visiting families and Small Catholic Communities.

The participants of this course were from the four Deaneries of the Archdiocese of Mt. Hagen, which consists of two Government Provinces of Western Highlands Province and Jiwaka. Fr Victor Roche who is the Coordinator of this course urged the participants to become Kerygma disciples and take positive approaches to challenges faced by the members of the Catholic faith.

They were given input on the topics such as: History of Salvation, History of the Catholic Church, Kerygma and New Evangelization, Eucharist, Mary, Sunday -Sabbath, Catechesis, Integral Human Development, Faith and Life. They had a two-day retreat to experience the person of Jesus. The participants were trained by the team to give this course for families and Small Catholic Communities.

The two weeks training came to an end with the Commissioning Mass which was celebrated by Bishop Rozario Menezes of the Diocese of Lae. Bishop Rozario lamented that if we want to bring Christ to the people, we need to have faith and courage. The participants were “anointed and sent-two -by -two” (Lk 10:1-7) to go out to different communities to preach the Gospel of Jesus and to strengthen the faith of the Catholics.

Fr Victor Roche in his final speech thanked the participants for their joy and enthusiasm in the course. He also thanked Bp. Rozario and the four Resource persons: Fr. Thomas Waiaken, Ms. Jennifer Aure, Ms. Flora Teng and Ms. Grace Waru.

This course will be given in different volunteering dioceses to train Kerygma Disciples who will help Catholics to experience the person of Jesus and to be strengthened in their faith.

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