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Identifying the presence of Christ among us with Wisdom

Nuku: On 31st July to 5th August 2022, Rev: Bishop Siby Mathew and the Priests from the Diocese of Aitape had a week-long retreat at Holy Trinity Church, Wati. The theme was: Identifying the presence of Christ among us with Wisdom. It was preached by Fr. Mathew Panachipuram CST. Fourteen Priests attending the retreat including Bp Siby Mathew Peedykayil, HGN.

The Catholics of the parish welcomed priests with traditional song and dance on Sunday 31st July after which the retreat commenced with the divine office prayer and Holy Mass. The talks given were very reflective, inspiring, and enriching and all the priests gave themselves wholeheartedly to the Lord in solitude and silence, with prayer and meditation.

“To Identify the presence of Christ among humanity they should have wisdom, the inner knowledge of God to identify him. This is achieved through dialogue with God in prayer, as prayer keeps humanity coherent with God. By doing so with wisdom, we can identify the presence of God in all we do in our priestly ministry”, said the preacher.

The purpose of their retreat was to renew, regain and restrengthen their Spiritual life and their Priesthood Vocation by the Spirit of their Patron, St. John Mary Vianney. The retreat concluded on the 5th August with a Eucharist celebrated by Bishop Siby Mathew HGN. At the homily, Fr Mathew presented St. John Mary Vianney as a man of prayer, who offered his life for the souls of millions through the Sacrament of Confession and the Eucharist.

He urged the priests to imitate the example of their patron and serve with love and dedication their Priestly Ministry. He asked the people to pray always for the Bishop and Priests so that they may receive more strength from the Lord and remained United with him forever.

Over hundreds of people came for the celebration and it was celebrated very nicely with good preparation of liturgy and music led by Marianitas Sisters and Holy Spirit KST, Namblo.

Following the homily were the presentation of Gifts, Speeches, Sharing of food and entertainment. The Parishes in Nuku Deanery brought in gift of cash and kind in support for their retreat.

At the end of the Eucharistic Celebration Bp: Siby Mathew acknowledged the hosting Parish and Nuku Deanery as a whole who attended and those who worked hard to make their retreat a success.

The Celebration was colourful with speeches and presentation of gifts and food in a special way to congratulate the bishop and Priests on their feast of St. John Mary Vianney. The celebration ends with the concluding remarks made by the Parish Chairman from the hosting parish and final blessing was given by Rev: Bishop Siby Mathew.

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