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First Family Formation Rollout in Mendi Diocese

Mendi, Southern Highlands: The Family life team of Mendi Diocese had their first meeting at the Regional Shrine of Divine Mercy at Kewabi Parish in the Eastern Deanery in Muli under the leadership of Dean Fr. Damien Szumaski MSF from April 19th – 23rd, 2023.

The meeting was attended by 14 participants from seven parishes in the Eastern Deanery. The rollout of the program has started in the Eastern Deanery with plans to be rolled out in the Central and Western Deaneries.

The meeting was opened with a Eucharistic celebration presided by Judiciary Vicar and Vocation Director Fr. Nelson Matthew.

Sessions during the meeting included marriage law in the Catholic Church facilitated by Fr. Nelson Matthew, Child Protection and how to deal with children facilitated by Diocesan Immigration Officer Tony Ririma, and Family Life Management facilitated by Diocesan Family Life Coordinator Junior Tawia.

“Our families really need the formation because nowadays, no one teaches Catechesis and gives formation to them resulting in children not listening to their parents for advice. When it comes to marriage, many of our families are facing all sorts of problems and difficulties because husband and wife did not receive formation back in their own families before they settled down,” said Junior Tawia when facilitating his session.

“Formation is very important because it helps couples stand strong in their commitment when they come across challenges in their marriage”, he added.

The weeklong meeting of the Family Life team also concluded with a Eucharistic celebration presided by Vicar General and Vice-Chancellor Fr. Pius Hall.

During his homily, Fr. Hall encouraged those who attended to be good Christians to show Christ’s love when they receive the Holy Eucharist.

“We receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and he is with us and what can we do next? We have to tell people that Jesus is with us by doing good deeds for others”,

The 14 participants came from Wara Sugu Parish, Kuare Parish, Kagua Parish, Muli Parish, Ialibu Parish, Pangia Parish and Williame Parish.

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