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  • Jessica Oata

Citizens urged to take care of environment

Gordons, Port Moresby: “When we sin against God, we are always forgiven. When we sin against man, we are forgiven maybe once or twice and on rare occasions, maybe three times, but when we sin against nature, we must be prepared to suffer the consequences”.

This was the take home message from the CBC General Secretary Reverend Fr. Giorgio Licini PIME and Emeritus Archbishop Francesco Panfilo SDB during a Press Conference held on Saturday 26th of August at the Catholic Bishops Conference.

The Press Conference was held to make awareness on the World Day for Prayer for the Care of Creation which falls on September 1st.

Fr. Giorgio in his statement highlighted the need to stop the injustice done to the environment through activities like pollution, logging and mining to name a few and encouraged everyone to take ownership of the environment and protect it for the future generations.

“We don’t have to look outside of the country to see the injustice done to our environment, it is evident in our streets, you see people throwing rubbish everywhere”, he said.

Archbishop Emeritus Panfilo in his talk reflected on the need for awareness to celebrate the World Day of Prayer for Creation so that people can make informed decisions when it comes to dealing with issues relating to the environment.

“During my time as the Archbishop of Rabaul, I was always vocal on issues, especially on the environmental issues affecting the people”, he said.

Archbishop Emeritus Panfilo recalled that not only was he advocating on behalf of the Catholic faithful in the Rabaul Archdiocese, but for other denominations as well who approached him and sought his help.

The panelists concluded the talk by making mention that the Catholic Church in an effort to care for our common home celebrates September 1st as the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.

The World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation was announced by Pope Francis in August 2015 and has been in observance since then. It also kicks off the season of Creation, which is a time of sustained prayer and action that lasts a month and four days.

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