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Catholic Professionals condemn hate and violence on the Catholic Church


The Catholic Professionals Society of Papua New Guinea (CPS PNG) condemns the anti-Catholic movement that is going on around the country.

“We have been subjected to hate speech against our leadership and faith practices, violence and destruction of our sacred images. Today we join parents and teachers of the Hohola Sacred Heart Primary School, Port Moresby in condemning the destruction and desecration of a Catholic sacred image, the image of Mother Mary.” President Paul Harricknen said.

“The use of sacred images has been part of the Catholic Church’s faith practice. It is not new to other church sect or denomination. Yet the Catholic Church has been targeted by certain church denominations which claims to be Christian, yet their actions do not show for it.” Mr. Harricknen said.

“We call on Prime Minister Marape and his government to explain what he means by making PNG the richest black Christian nation on the planet earth. If hate speech and violence is tolerated in this country then what is this proposal to make PNG a Christian country all about?”

The Catholic Church like all other faiths and religions should enjoy the freedom of conscience, thought and religion under the Constitution. The sacred images are symbols of the Church’s identity in their churches and institutions including education institutions.

If persons of other faith do not accept sacred images in schools simply find other schools of their choice. The Catholic Church is no small sect or denomination that came into the country or started in the country only yesterday. The Catholic Church had a big hand in the independence of this country and continues to contribute more in the provision of education and health services.

“We call on the national Government to bring to justice those responsible in the destruction and desecration of the statue at the Hohola Sacred Heart School. We call on the Government to take serious steps to clamp down on hate speech and violence against the Catholic Church throughout the country.”

Authorised by Paul Harricknen, OL


Catholic Professionals Society PNG

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