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  • Jessica Oata

Apostolic Nuncio to PNGSI encourages students of Lemakot to be good students

Lemakot, Kavieng: The Apostolic Nuncio to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands paid a special visit to the learning institutions in Lemakot, New Ireland province on August 14, 2023.

Picture: His Excellency Archbishop Fermin Emilio Sosa Rodriguez and Monsignor Federico Boni having a chat with a student of Lemakot Primary School.

The program started with a Eucharistic celebration attended by the staff and students of Lemakot School of Nursing, Lemakot Primary School, and Lemakot Vocational School including members of the surrounding community.

Following the mass, the Nuncio had a moment of interaction with the staff and students and encouraged the students not to be just students but to be ‘good students’.

His Excellency Archbishop Fermin Emilio Sosa Rodriguez said that most of the social issues faced in the community are the result of negligence because we are only living as citizens, but we are not going the extra mile to be good citizens and take ownership of the communities we live in.

“When we look at ourselves as ordinary students, we neglect our responsibilities in the school like listening to our teachers, doing our studies diligently, and being good to our fellow students but if we look at ourselves as good students, our mentality will be different, thus, our attitude and our behavior will also change. We will listen to our teachers, we will do our studies diligently and we will be good to our fellow students”, he said.

His excellency encouraged everyone to start seeing themselves as good students when they are at an early age so as they grow, so will their concern for the betterment of their communities and the society as a whole.

The brief program concluded with a question-and-answer session that had the curious students asking many questions about the Nunciature and the role of the Nuncio.

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