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  • - Rosemary Yambune

Advancing Partnership to END Violence

Port Moresby: Members of the Church Development Council and representatives from the Government displayed solidarity to end all forms of violence in families and communities during a meeting held from 14th to 15th October, at Dream Inn in Port Moresby.

The meeting had as its theme “Churches and Government to work together to End Violence in the Family and Communities” and had the participation of around ten prominent figures from Church Development Council and the Ministry of Youth Religion and Community Development.

Advancing Church/State partnership in service delivery through health, education and community development, were few of the commitments reviewed and strengthened by church and government during the meeting.

Also present for the meeting was Bishop Deputy of the Laity commission of Catholic Bishops Conference, Bp Otto Separy. Bp Otto, told of how the such partnership would draw positive influence to the nation. “Ending violence should be an issue of concern to everyone, it is everybody’s business”. He further commented on how young people identify violence as something normal.

“The targeted group to change would be the young people from this generation, we need to educate them about moral consciousness to help them understand right and wrong”.

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