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  • Nicole Rema (UPNG Journalism Student)

We progress when we have peace, courage, confidence, assurance and encouragement

DBTI, East Boroko: His Grace Archbishop Anton Bal from Madang Archdiocese celebrated the third Sunday of Easter at the Mary Help of Christians Shrine at the Don Bosco Technological Institute on April 14, 2024.


(His Grace Archbishop Anton Bal giving the final blessings. Picture by Nicole Rema.)

The students attending Don Bosco Technological Institute led the choir singing beautifully in tune with the peaceful atmosphere in the church.


In his homily reflecting on the Gospel of Luke 24:35-48, Archbishop Bal mentioned that during Easter, the resurrection of Jesus means people must repent from their sins and believe in him so that God can forgive them.


“To go to Jesus, we must obey his words and believe in him. Whoever obeys and believes in him are the people who know God but whoever listens to his words and does not believe in him, these are people who do not know God”.


The archbishop added that in life, we need confidence, assurance, and encouragement, just like the Apostles when Jesus appeared to them.


“When we have peace, courage, confidence, assurance, and encouragement from the Lord, we will progress and move forward to different stages in our society, and for those who received the sacrament of marriage, their marriage will progress”.


“His return means, he is here with us and will walk with us. He knows us and our problems’’.


Before giving the final blessing, His Grace joyfully announced the confirmation of the Holy Father’s visit to PNG from September 6th – 9th to those attending mass.


Parishioner Missy Dabuing expressed her joy and excitement in attending mass celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Anton Bal.

“I am very happy to celebrate this third Sunday of Easter with Archbishop Anton Bal. I have been out of church for too long and now I am filled with happiness to hear what he shared in his homily and to come back to my church and receive Jesus’’, she said.


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