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The First Ever Priesthood Ordination

On 30th November 2021, on the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, The Catholic faithful of Ulga, St. Mary, Queen of Peace, celebrated a record-breaking ceremony. In the Liturgical celebration, Reverend Deacon Gabriel Wat Wama, dawned for the last time, the Deacon's Stole and Dalmatic.

Since the establishment of the Parish in 1935, after Rebiamul, the Parish has never had a priesthood Ordination, ever since.

Former MP for Tambul Nebliyer and leader of the Munduka Tribe and a Parishioner, Mr. Thomas Nikints, expressed his gratitude to the newly ordained priest for having accepted and pursuing the call thus far. He also thanked Archbishop Douglas Young for Ordaining their own son to be a Priest.

Archbishop Young, in his homily expounded the office and duty of Priesthood and urged the newly ordained priest with other priests to strive to be steadfast to the calling, to be available for the Church.

Prominent leaders in the likes of George Bobby, Malcom Caligan, King Kela, Glen Komnga, and other individuals of importance both in the public and public sector graced the occasion with their presence. Parishioners within the Nebliyer Deanery and other Parishes in the Archdiocese of Mt. Hagen also witnessed the grace filled-event.

The newly ordained priest will serve as an assistant to Fr. Raphael Mel in Mabulga Paris in Baiyer District.

The newly ordained priest pursued his vocation to the Priesthood as a candidate of the Society of Our Lady (SOLT). However, while journeying, he has switched to the Archdiocese of Mt. Hagen was ordained as a Deacon and now a Priest. He is the 18th Diocesan Priest and the 4th in Tambul Nebliyer Deanery in the Archdiocese of Mt. Hagen.

Priests and religious from the neighbouring Dioceses of Wabag, Mendi and Chimbu also came. Two Rev. Deacons, Joseph Sen and Charles Dufo, with seminarians served at the Mass.

Fr. Gabriel thanked his family, friends, benefactors, formators, SOLT community PNG & Philippines, priests and religious and everyone who has contributed in one way or another in his Priesthood discernment.

We join with others in prayer that the newly ordained priest may be another good and holy priest.

To God be all glory and praise.

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