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Synod on Synodality

Vatican: Greetings from Rome!

I am Grace Wrakia , a lay , non- Bishop member of the 16th Synod of Bishops. I am here in Rome with Bishop Dariusz Kaluza of the Bougainville Diocese.

On Saturday 30th September, all 420 Members, plus special invited guests, experts of the synodal process, leaders of Religious groups and Christians Church gathered at St. Peter's Square at the Vatican for an Ecumenical Prayer Vigil with Holy Father, Pope Francis. The Ecumenical Prayer Vigil was created and structured so beautifully to dedicate and entrust this first session of the Synod to the Holy Spirit. That the Holy Spirit be the protagonist to lead and guide every conversation and Discernment in this Synod from October 4-29.

Brothers and sisters from all walks of life and from all around the world gathered together as members of Synod, with youths and leaders of different Churches and Religions. The vigil expressed gratitude for our universal gift of; 1. Unity and Synodal journey 2. Others 3. Peace 4. Creation

Together we renewed our desire and commitment to journey together in unity, hearts filled with gratitude for the gifts God has given us.

Bishop Darius and I reflect on the thousands of gifts God has blessed our beautiful home Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands and our local Catholic Church and we are grateful.

We invite you all to walk with us on this Synod journey. We will keep you all posted on our experience and events from Rome.

In the next 2 days, we will be attending a Retreat with all members of the Synod in Fraterna Domus at Sacrofanse outside of Rome.

Pray for us and we pray for all of you at home.

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