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Students’ media productions screened at film festival

Port Moresby: The Social Communications Commission of the Catholic Bishops Conference (CBC SOCOM) hosted its annual Short Film Festival that saw the screening of films and jingles produced by students from catholic agency schools in Port Moresby.

Held at the Paradise Cinemas on Saturday, 6th August, the films reflected the theme ‘Listen. Do everything with Love.’ The screening was the conclusion to the series of media education seminars held throughout the year that had ten schools participating. These schools were Marianville Secondary School, De La Salle Secondary School, St Charles Lwanga Secondary School, St Joseph’s International Catholic College, Caritas Business College, Don Bosco Technical School, Don Bosco Technological Institute, La Salle Technical Secondary School, Jubilee Catholic Secondary School and Limana Vocational Centre.

Present for this occasion were Fr Giorgio Licini, PIME, General Secretary of Catholic Bishops Conference, Fr Gregory Bicomong sdb, Provincial Superior of the Salesians of Don Bosco, priests, religious brothers and sisters, students, and their families.

Addressing those present, Fr Giorgio said that the program was a meaningful activity that CBC is organising through the SOCOM Commission and was impressed by the students’ efforts towards the program.

“Each of us is in search of our identity and each of us builds our identity. During activities and seminars, we have had access to so much information that has shaped our personality. We should have in mind how we want to portray ourselves. What will be my identity? My purpose? my personality? my service in society? We’re trying to build that. So, I’d like to really encourage you to continue to work, build and be responsible for yourselves,” said Fr Giorgio.

In his encouragement to the young, Fr Gregory spoke of the sadness and social ills in the world today and what is seen and read on social media and shared that if we want to see love, we spread more messages of love.

“With these short films, what is important is that we have learned from the films. We have so many ills in society, problems, depression, domestic violence and so forth. The message is very clear, if you want to remove violence in this world and even our country, if you want to remove all the depression in this world and all the social ills of this world, I believe there are two solutions, listen more and do more acts of love,” Fr Gregory emphasised.

The event saw the screening of thirteen short films consisting of four international and PNG films on the environment, nine films by the schools that reflected the theme, 8 jingles produced by the students and recorded by Radio Maria. Certificates were awarded to the students who were present for all the sessions. Each school also had the opportunity to share what they had learnt during the media education seminars. Prizes were awarded to the schools with the best films.

Coming in 1st Place was Marianville Secondary School with their film titled ‘Value System’; 2nd Place was De La Salle Secondary School on ‘Social Media’; 3rd Place was Don Bosco Technological Institute on ‘Women’; 4th Place was Don Bosco Technical School on ‘Love starts at Home’ and 5th Place was La Salle Technical Secondary School titled ‘Our Response’.

Consolation prizes were also given for creative productions by Limana Vocational Centre on ‘My Life’; St Charles Lwanga Secondary School on ‘Mi Laik Skul’, St Joseph’s International Catholic College on ‘Teaching Love’ and Jubilee Catholic Secondary School on ‘A mother’s love.’

Concluding the program, Secretary for Social Communications and facilitator of the event, Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb spoke about communicating messages that bring about change.

“It has been a time of education, of entertainment, of information and above all of inspiration. I trust that these objectives of the media will go home with you and will carry it on in your lives for the many years to come. Social Communications is not about using a digital device, but it is about communicating a message that is powerful and a message that brings about a change. It is harmonising the voices, the issues, the situations, giving it a wider frame, bringing it out to the public and making sure there is policy change at the level of government,” Fr Ambrose said.

The half-day program had over a hundred and eighty people present to witness the screenings, take part in prayer, reflections, dance, and the sharing of food.

The Media Education Seminars have been supported by SIGNIS, MISSIO, Caritas Australia, SVS, CBC SOCOM, Salesians of Don Bosco together with the Media outlets and all those committed to sharing the good news through the media.

Other comments:

“You touched on some very important and critical issues. I want to encourage the students to talk about these issues. PNG needs more voices like yours,” stated Rosa Koian, journalist.

“It was a celebration of interaction and cooperation where our young people can work for change as they reflect on the situations that we go through,” said Jerry Huinaiabraho, DBTS student.

“It was wonderful to attend the Film Festival. The films brought out different ways to help other, something most needed today,” said Mia Christabelle Krishna Pagal.

“The film on women by the DBTI students touched me the most. Despite the cultural and traditional beliefs women can rise and bring about social transformation,” said Jessica Isifu, DBTI student.

“The students worked very hard, and their messages were clear. They were also very creative in the way they put together their videos”, said Sonya Kombeo, UPNG student.

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