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St Joseph Kukipi Primary School celebrates Feast Day

Kerema: The beat of the kundu drums and dancing, angelic choir and joyous atmosphere filled the St Joseph Primary School ground at Kukipi  early this year on Friday March 22, 2024 as the students, teachers, parents and stakeholders commemorated the Feast of St Joseph, Husband of Mary.

The feast day fell on Tuesday March 19, 2024 but the festivities was deferred to Friday March 22, 2024 to coincide with the visit of the Parish Priest Fr Eugene Karava’s visit to the school.


The theme of the celebration was ‘Journeying together through Education with St Joseph guiding our path’. 


The celebrations began with a song titled ‘Welcome to the family’ in the Toaripi dialect by the Kukipi community of St Joseph as the Parish Priest Fr Eugene accompanied by catechists, prayer leaders and a religious brother processed at the beginning of the Holy Mass.


Reflecting on the Gospel of Matthew 1:16.18-21.24a, Fr Eugene gave an inspiring challenge to the parishioners and students to live their life as faithful children of God, just as the child Jesus was obedient to his parents.  He also highlighted the importance of having a mother and a father in a family.


“Mary is plays the role of a sorrowful mother to each of us while St Joseph, as the head of the family, provider and protector is a role model that our brothers and fathers can look up to”.


The entire liturgical celebration was well prepared by St Joseph Primary School students, teachers and the community that brought everyone together as one family.


Head teacher Mr Martin Kae challenged the members of community on how they should emulate the characteristics of St Joseph in their respective families.


“How are we going to protect and provide for our children in the classrooms and in our homes?”


Kae concluded that he was happy to see that there was much eagerness from the students to learn from St Joseph and be empowered.


Kerema Catholic Education Secretary Mr Karolus Benno emphasized on evangelization in the family to bring children closer to God and also encouraged the teachers to be both professionals and role models as well to their students by practicing their Catholic or Christian faith in their lives.

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