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Serve with dedication and loyalty

Alotau: A dedication service for public servants of Milne Bay province was held at the Alotau Cathedral on 16th February 2022 with the theme ‘To serve with dedication and loyalty.’

Addressing priests, sisters, teachers, nurses, pastoral workers and public servants, Bp Rolando Santos reflected on their mission to serve and fulfill their service for the good of the people.

“The office you hold is no ordinary work or employment but a lofty vocation where you are called to give of yourselves to others in love after the example of Our Lord, Jesus Christ,” stated the Bishop.

He added that the clergy are united with all religious and lay people in prayer since the good of the people is our common responsibility.

Bp Rolando reminded all to work together in building God’s Kingdom and make Milne Bay Province a place where everyone can live together peacefully as brothers and sisters.

“While we ponder on the loftiness of our vocation and mission to be light and salt of the earth, we cannot ignore the constant voices and cries of the poor: the need to heal and instruct the people in the faith, to provide free and quality education to all, adequate health care, due employment, suitable housing, peace and order, and resolve the issues of incompetence and lack of personal responsibility and commitment in duty, and corruption in public service,” he said.

“These are heavy crosses placed on your shoulders, but we all need to do our part to carry them together and ease the burden they cause most especially on the poor and the underprivileged.”

Bp Rolando also reflected on 6 prayer points to discern together and become better and more effective servants of the Lord.

The points touched on possessing the gift of wisdom; discernment and obeying God; walking in the Spirit; being humble servants; recognizing the face of Christ in every person and listening to the cries of the poor.


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