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  • Lucy Napitalai

SAVIO HAUS Oratory Day 2020

Bomana, Sunday 29th November 2020:

As the year draws to an end, the three Oratory centers: Bomana, Keto and Nebiri (situated on the outskirts of Port Moresby) with over two hundred fifty (250) Oratorians, with several parents and guardians, came together to close up the year’s Sunday Oratory activities at Nebiri Village.

The three Oratory centers were organized and facilitated by the aspirants of Savio Haus Bomana, with Br. Peter Khai as the co-ordinator. The aspirants of Savio Haus Bomana together with a few volunteers from Don Bosco Technological Institute, organized the program from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.

The day began with the Sunday Lotu at 9.00 am in the St. Patrick’s Chapel of Nebiri with Fr. Dominic Kachira SDB as the celebrant. In his homily, Fr. Dominic encouraged everyone, “Multiply your good works as we move through the season of advent and prepare ourselves for Christmas.” After the Holy Mass, light snacks, courtesy SVS, were served to the Oratorians before they began their fun and games.

The children from each Oratory were divided into 4 teams: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow, with their faces painted to mark their color. The fun games involved bouncy castle, courtesy of Coca Cola, volleyball and fun games for children. The climax of the program was the Entertainment as each Oratory presented their well-prepared items. Then followed a Quiz on the Bible and the life of Don Bosco, together with General Knowledge questions. After the games, prizes were given to each team and Christmas gifts of food and other items from various donations were given to each oratorian. A big “Thank you” to our sponsors: TST, Seeto Kui, Paradise Foods, and Lae biscuits.

The Oratorians expressed their gratitude to Fr. Dominic and his boys from Savio Haus for not giving up, despite the pandemic. Mr. Cletus, the Chairman of the Nebiri Oratory Center said, “We are glad that our children have had such an opportunity to learn good things every Sunday during the Oratory. Thank you for forming the minds of the future leaders of our community.” Fr. Dominic expressed his thanks to their respective leaders: Mr. Cletus of Nebiri, Mrs. Mary Simi of Keto and Mr. Andrew of Bomana.

All look forward to February 2021 to re-open the Sunday Oratories.

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