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  • Rica S. Lavilla, – Salesian Cooperator and Mission Group Animator

Project Scraper launched at DBTS, Gabutu

A Mission Solidarity Project of Don Bosco Technical School in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby: Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu launched its “Project Scraper”, the school’s mission solitary project on June 4, 2021, during the Salesian Mission Day celebrations held at the school.

The aim of this fundraising drive is to raise money to help in constructing a new building and purchase supply machines and medical equipment for the Don Bosco Salesian Centre run by the Caritas Sisters, South Sudan in Africa.

A scraper is an essential kitchen tool in every household here in Papua New Guinea. Students themselves with the guidance of their instructors are the ones making the scrapers. A target amount of 10,000 kina is set with the price of each scrapper being K 50.00.

In his message during the launching of the project, Fr. Pedro Sachitula, Rector, said that the whole Educative Pastoral Community including the Association of Salesian Cooperators are together in this project. “We live in each other, as a community, as a body, as a family we strengthen ourselves in the community.” He also posed an invitation to learn to live with others, one for others and one in others. Furthermore, he highlighted the theme: ‘One Father, one family’ as we have one Father and if we have one Father we are being called to live as one family”.

The project is part of the school’s concrete response to what the 2021 Salesian Mission Day is proposing- Mission Solidarity under the slogan “One Father, One Family”.

Other fundraising activities include a raffle draw, and a bingo and fundraisings will run from June to October 2021.

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