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  • - Rosemary Yambune

Proclaiming the Gospel through the media

Vangeke, Goroka: Twelve priests were enlightened to aesthetically communicate the gospel using media during a Social Communication workshop held from November 8th to 11th at the Vankege Institute program, held at Kefamo Conference Centre, Goroka.

The workshop was facilitated by Fr Ambrose Pereira, Social Communications Commission Secretary for CBCPNGSI and Rosemary Yambune, SOCOM Media Personnel. The participants were priests from the dioceses of Goroka, Kerema, Mendi, Mt Hagen, Vanimo and Wabag.

Fr Ambrose Pereira, connected with the participants in a special way as he dwelt on the Theology of Social Communication, the significance of having a strong theory for good practice and the processes to connect with audiences via social media.

Sessions within those three days were accompanied by prayer, reflection and moments of sharing. The World Communication Day, News Writing Format, Inspiring Photographs and Layout of a Newspaper were held on the first day. The Parish Newsletter, an opportunity to video record their one-minute reflections were covered on the second day while the third day had sessions for Social Media, viewing of their reflections and comments from their brother priests to help them improve their presentation and content in the delivery of their homilies at their liturgical celebrations. Discussions were also held on different ways to communicate with their congregations at the level of the parishes and dioceses.

The practical aspects of the program included writing news articles, designing colourful parish news boards, clicking inspiring photographs of nature and share the gospel through a one-minute video clip.

Participants shared their struggles on communication within their parishes and respective dioceses. They appreciated the reinforcement of the use of using the available possibilities and resources to proclaim the Gospel and deal with the issues of social importance.

“The opportunity to share my reflection in front of a camera and design a newsletter for my parish, at this workshop is a blessing. It gives me encouragement and confidence try out something in my parish,” said Fr Thomas Piopo, Diocese of Goroka.

“I am cut off due to the geographical location of my parish I serve in. This session has reminded me to try out different avenues to communicate effectively,” said Fr Paul Gabriel Hanawe, Diocese of Kerema.

The Social Communication workshop is part of the ninth ongoing formation and renewal program for priests in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands that started on 15th October and will conclude on 24th November. The six weeks’ program has as its theme: “Priests - Called to holiness in today’s world”.

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