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Motorcade Marks End of Holy Rosary Month

Honiara, Solomon Islands: A first ever Marian Motorcade was held in the Archdiocese of Honiara, to mark the end of the Holy Rosary Month of the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ.

Held from Friday 30th to Saturday 31st October, the motorcade was organized by Fr. Mark Misiwasi, Holy Cross Youth Chaplin, and had as its theme, ‘Through Mary to Jesus’. It had the participation of twenty communities from the North West Guadalcanal.

It began at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Visale, North West Guadalcanal, to Holy Cross Cathedral which was led by the Holy Cross Youths followed by Seminarians, Handmaids of the Lord, Catholic Sisters and Parishioners surrounding the Archdiocese.

Special talks were later given at night by Fr. Mark Misiwasi and Fr. Mancent, to young youths and Catholics in the Visale Catholic Church. Their talks highlighted the History and Dogma of our Blessed Mother Mary, the importance of Blessed Mary and why the Catholic Church honour the Mother of Jesus.

“The Catholic Church does not worship nor adore the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary but Honour or venerate her because it is through her that Jesus is born to save us and brought us salvation,” said Fr. Mark.

He continued by explaining the Rosary, “The Rosary contains 4 Mysteries that reflects the life of Jesus, that is –Joyful Mystery, Luminous Mystery, Sorrowful Mystery and Glorious Mystery.”

He said the Rosary was a short form of reading the gospel of Jesus, the life of Jesus in the bible and urged for Christians to live the life that Jesus taught and intended. “All of these can be found in the book of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John from when the Angel Gabriel Appeared to Mary to when Jesus was Crucified on the Cross. Therefore, you can also find the Bible in the Rosary,” he stated.

3am on Saturday morning, had faithful come together in prayer of the Divine Mercy Chaplet before starting off the Marian Motorcade at 4am with the first Mystery from Visale. The recitation of the mysteries continued till each community along the way from Visale to Holy Cross Cathedral was reached.

At the Holy Cross, the Youths handed the Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the group of Catholic Women and Sunday School Children.

The programme ended with a Holy Mass led by Archbishop of Honiara, Christopher Cardone OP, assisted by Fr. John Galvin, Fr. Mancent and Fr. Mark Misiwasi. The Archbishop thanked the youths and the parishioners who attended the prayer service for their faithful in prayers and encouraged those to continue live the life of Christ.

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