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  • Sr. Jenifer Arul

Mother Mary’s image visits Parishes in Kundiawa Diocese

Kundiawa: With October being one of the two months in the Catholic Calendar where Catholics uphold and remember Mother Mary; up in one of the most rugged and terrain provinces of the Highlands Region, the parishioners of the Kundiawa Diocese put on a smile as it is time for their Diocese's Matron with Mother Mary visiting all parishes.

The visitation of the image of Mother Mary started in 2022 and visited a few of the parts of Simbu Province and this year, Bishop Paul Sundu of Kundiawa Diocese hoped that the visitation continues to reach more parishes.

Bishop Paul Sundu believes that the visitation may not only bring joy to all parishioners from the different parishes but also bring peace and reconciliation to communities in the midst of political turmoil; promote prayers for vocations to priesthood and religious life; promote the Legion of Mary especially junior Legion; commemorate 40 years since Kundiawa Diocese separated from the Diocese of Goroka; and bring all faithful towards holiness and to strengthen the Catholic Faith.

Despite Simbu being so rugged and mountainous; with nearly all parishes isolated by the geological landscape and setting, the people were filled with so much joy and excitement as they travelled by foot carrying the image of Mother Mary, with so many people being moved by the visit in taking part in the pilgrimage.

As the month came to an end, all parishes had well-planned programs, such as praying the Rosary, listening to inspirational and awareness sessions before ending the visit with a ceremony that culminated with a Thanksgiving Mass presided over by Bishop Paul Sundu.

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