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Media Statement: Concerns on the failing leadership

President of Catholic Professionals Society PNG, Mr. Paul Harricknen has expressed concerns on the fast-declining socio economic and the law and order situation in the country. The governance and service delivery systems and processes are fast breaking down.

There is increasing rise in costs of living, health, education, road conditions, telecommunication services and law and order are in dire deteriorating conditions.

Wewak and East Sepik Province for instance is no longer a safe town and province for fear of violence, wire-catapult, declining health system, consistent power disruptions, unreliable communications network, consistent fuel shortages in Wewak town. Wewak and Sepik provinces are now like the forgotten people na las ples blong PNG.

Begs the question, where is the leadership of the province? Where is the Governor and where are the Open MPs, provincial and local governments?

The same can be said about the national leadership of the country. There is violence and killing everywhere. Government services are on the decline. No one is taking responsibility and ownership. Political leadership cannot simply wait on the police and public service and the civil society. The nation is in crises. What the people need is strong political leadership. Leadership is missing and wanting.

God bless PNG.

Paul Harricknen, OL


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