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Live to serve with honesty and stewardship

DBTI Hosts 19th Graduation Rite

Boroko, Port Moresby: The Don Bosco Technological Institute held an extravagant graduation ceremony in honour of its 194 graduating students during its 19th Graduation Rite.

The ceremony held on Thursday 3rd December, in the institute’s Gymnasium, had as its theme: ‘Live to serve with honesty and stewardship’ and was graced by the presence of Archbishop Emeritus of Rabaul, Francisco Panfilo SDB, as its keynote speaker.

Special guests included Fr Alexander Garces SDB, Rector of DBTI; Fr Gregorio Bicomong Jr SDB, Provincial Superior Vice Province PGS; Dr Catherine Nongkas, Vice President for Academic and Technical Affairs and Fr Gilbert Pano SDB, Vice President for Pastoral Affairs. Also present to witness the occasion were Priests, Religious, Staff of DBTI, Principals, Company Representatives, Educators, students, families, friends and guardians. Over a thousand people showed up to congratulate the young graduates. The graduation was held whilst adhering to the safety measures against COVID-19 as stipulated by the State of Emergency Controller.

Archbishop Panfilo in his address, commended graduates for their achieved milestone and encouraged them to be bridges that linked humanity toward striving for the common good of all especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. “Form a family of care with an eye to those in the world who are in need and provide special care to those suffering in any way and live together in harmony,” he said.

He added, “The virus has taught us some hard lessons in that God did not create us to be owners of the world but to be good stewards of the world and caring servants of creation, that we are all connected and that we need one another.”

Reflecting on the adverse circumstances in society haunting Papua New Guinea, he called on the young men and women to be competent and full of character to be able to tackle these issues. “Don Bosco Technological Institute through its Christian principles and values was for you the best source for becoming competent men and women of character. My dear graduating students, you are our hope, the hope of Papua New Guinea, the hope of the Church and we are counting on you,” he said. “Competent men and women are those who can go beyond narrow self and family interest and are willing to make sacrifices for the public good”, he continued as he encouraged the students and all present to be competent, God-fearing and God-loving.

In his remarks, Fr Alexander, reminded graduates of the day’s theme and urged them to be instruments of change, living their lives honestly with integrity and as stewards of God caring for his creation.

Delivering a thanksgiving message on behalf of all the graduates was Charlton Dramak, recipient of the St. John Bosco Leadership Award, and graduate from the Bachelor of Instrumentation Technology Program. In his speech, he thanked the Salesian Community of Educators from DBTI for imparting to them the invaluable skills, knowledge, and principles of their Patron Saint, Don Bosco. “As newly graduates we are entrusted with a set of duties and responsibilities. Be faithful, uphold and be guided by the values and virtues shared with us during our time as students of DBTI,” he said.

The students graduated attaining Diplomas and Bachelor’s Degree’ in the following fields of study: Bachelor of Education – Technical; Informational Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics and Communication Technology, Maintenance Fitting and Machining Technology, Metal Fabrication and Welding Technology, and Automotive Technology. Three graduates were recipients of the St Dominic Savio Service Award, while Valentine Morou, received the special award for the Best in Technology and was awarded a cheque of K8,180.00 from Mr Justin Kieseker, General Manager of Remington Technology.

Mr Joel Nava, Commissioner of the Teaching Service Commission received the Bachelor of Education Graduates into the Teaching Service Commission and had them recite an oath of maintaining professional conduct of the Commission. Induction to DBTI’s Past Pupils Association was conducted by Mr Leslie Brown, President of DBTI Past Pupils Association.

The occasion ended with the theme song: ‘Time of Our Lives’, joyfully sung by the graduates. The graduates then marched out to be congratulated by parents and friends.

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