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  • Isabella Saleu

Graduands encouraged to seek the Kingdom of God

East Boroko, Port Moresby: The Don Bosco Technological Institute held its 20th Graduation Mass for the Class of 2021, at the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians, East Boroko, on 30th March 2022.

It had as its theme, “Building a better tomorrow through Competence and Character.”

Celebrating the Holy Eucharist as the main celebrant was Bishop of the Diocese of Kerema, Bp. Pedro Baquero sdb, concelebrated by Fr. Gregorio Bicomong Jnr, Provincial of the Salesians of Don Bosco PGS, Fr. Roger Miranda, Rector of DBTI, Fr. Alexander Garces, President and Fr. Gilbert Pano, Vice President.

Bishop Pedro began his homily by asking the graduands that if God was one who knew all, what was the point of having freedom?

He explained that that freedom was for us to choose what we wanted but to also bear in mind that despite our choices, realities and situations that constantly changed in life, God remained the same. Therefore, we should always choose and seek Him.

“He is constant, and He knows all which means He has a purpose for each of you. He is faithful in his love. He is not a God who goes by the books; when He is happy, He is good or when he is upset, He is bad. Situations change, God does not change”, Bp. Pedro shared.

He added that in all things one should seek the Kingdom of God that was personified in Jesus. Encouraging the graduands, he asked them to be open and sensitive to finding God’s Kingdom wherever they would go after studies.

“In your 3 or 4 years in DBTI, I know you have in your own way discovered Jesus. That is your treasure. With all your experiences here, I encourage you to be Light and Salt in your workplace and in the world. From a Catholic institution, you have not only come here and learned your trade but more importantly, you have grown your Christian faith so when you leave this place, continue to pursue Jesus. Never stop seeking the Kingdom of God”, he concluded.

The beautiful liturgy was animated by the continuing students, accompanied by an entrance and recessional procession performed by the ladies from Kairuku, Central Province, while the New Ireland boys led the offertory procession.

In attendance were the graduands, students and staff of DBTI, parents, families and friends of those graduating.

The graduation rites will be held on 31st March 2022. Due to Covid 19 restrictions the graduation formalities were postponed from last year 2021 to this date.


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