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Formative Workshop held in Yule Island

Bereina: A one-week Formative Workshop was recently held with OLSH Sisters on Yule Island, in the Diocese of Bereina.

Organized by the Right Relationship Ministry (RRM) of the Catholic Bishops Conference, the workshop was held from 21st – 25th March 2022, at the OLSH Sisters Novitiate. Participants were three OLSH Sisters who are preparing for their Final Profession and four of their Novices.

The one-week program was facilitated by Sr Ancy John Chirayath SCSA, RRM Directress, to enhance and equip the young religious with the appropriate skills and knowledge in relationship issues as they journey in their Religious Formation in responding to their vocation.

With the focus on ‘Building healthy and mature relationships in our communities and in ministries’, the workshop dwelt on the main topics Boundaries, Right Relationships, Human sexuality, Values and Rights, The foundation of Human Happiness, and a Happy Life is good Relationships, Boundaries essential in building healthy and good relationships in the families, communities and pastoral ministries.

Healthy relationships are to be nurtured and promoted while unhealthy relationships are to be mended. The bondedness in religious life is the strong relationship with Christ, which he himself states clearly as “Vine and branches” in the Gospel of John,” said Sr Ancy.

According to Sr Alvina Salam OLSH “I will take the initiative to mend my broken relationships within the biological and religious family members”.

“The challenging part is how to recognize and honor other people’s boundaries,” stated Sr Phyllis Hubert OLSH.

A participant said, “As a response to my learning of this I will be able to connect and grow in a healthy relationship with self and others around, most specially with God”.

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