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DWU Wewak launches Faculty of Business and Informatics

Wewak, ESP: The Faculty of Business and Informatics was officially launched in the St Benedict’s campus of Divine Word University on Thursday 20th May 2021.

Present to officiate the milestone was Governor of East Sepik, Allan Bird; Bishop of Wewak, Jozef Roszynski SVD; President of Divine Word University Prof Fr. Philip Gibbs; Vice President of Academic Affairs Professor Iwona Kolodziejczyk; students and staff of St. Benedict’s Campus.

The new faculty will now broaden the scope of education offered at the university in

providing the opportunity for interested students to study within the province foregoing the need to travel to main campus in Madang or in Port Moresby to study Business and Informatics related courses.

Vice President of St Benedicts, Dr Fr. Lawrence Arockiaraj, during his speech stated that the launching of the faculty was one that encourages the students to not be information givers but to be a transformation maker of the education of PNG.

Fr. Lawrence said the launching presented opportunities that the students could grasp and make use of to learn as well as to teach and transform negativity to positivity in the fields that they choose to build careers in, in future. “Students should not only be able to share their knowledge with others but they should also be the ones to change education in the country,” he said.

Governor Bird supported the Vice President’s remarks by stating that the St Benedict’s campus in a span of 3-years has accomplished tremendously towards its efforts in establishing a campus that supports the education of the young people of our nation.

He further stated that St Benedict’s campus was one that encourages the diverse blend of students from all around the country who study at the campus in Kaindi. “The campus encourages a diverse blend in students from all over PNG who study in Kaindi, where the campus is actually located,” he added.

The campus since its inception in 2017 had three other departments prior to the launching of the School. Though recently established, it has grown significantly throughout the span of 4-years with future plans of additional project implementation in to cater for larger number of students from other provinces.

The Business and Informatics Faculty will commence enrolment in its courses before the start of the second semester of this year with bachelor and diploma courses.

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