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  • Donovan Pintol

Diocese of Kundiawa Bishop Celebrates Holy Eucharist with St John the Apostle, Tokarara Parishioners.

Tokarara, Port Moresby: The Annual General Meeting of the Bishops gave the bishops a chance to celebrate masses at different parishes within the National Capital District on April 14, 2024.

Sent forth to the St. John the Apostle Parish, Tokarara was the Diocese of Kundiawa Bishop Paul Sundu who was well received by crowded parishioners who filled the chapel in excitement. The Choir brought about a holistic atmosphere during the Eucharistic celebration.

In his homily, Bishop Sundu reminded the parishioners that they must not forget that it is still the season of Easter.

“It is the reason for us to live as witnesses and give testimonies of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Lord, and Savior”.

He gave a parable of an old man who usually puts two plates out during dinner despite living alone. He would eat from one of the plates and then put the other one outside her door. It was a daily thing until a young man came by for a visit. During dinner time, the young man saw that there were plates being served. Curious as he can be, he asked the old man who was joining them for dinner. The old man told him what he usually did.

He said: “The extra plate is for God, he gives me food every night, that’s why I always put him a plate outside. In the morning, when I check, only an empty plate will be there”.

The young man told the old man that it was not God that had been eating the food, but the foxes.

Upon hearing that, when the young man left the next day, the old man set out to see if what the young man said was true. During the night, as usual, he left a plate of food outside and had his share. But this time, he did not go to sleep. He hid in his living room and kept watch. To his surprise, the young man was right after all. Out of disappointment, he stopped putting an extra plate.

Many days went by, and even the young man forgot about his earlier experience with the old man. One night, he had a strange dream, he saw God asking him why he had been mean to the old man.

God said: “With your actions, now the foxes must go hungry for a long time”.

Concluding his homily, Bishop Sundu told the parishioners that despite situations and circumstances, one must never stop doing ‘good deeds’ nor lose faith in the ‘good Lord’.

Bishop Sundu also had the privilege of commissioning the Men’s Groups to strengthen their faith and carry out their duties in the Parish, communities, and the mother Church.

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