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  • Donovan Pintol

Children need more accompaniment from Parents

Port Moresby: During the celebrations on the Feast of St Francis de Sales on January 24th, 2024, the CBC Social Communications Commission had panelists from different fields take part in a panel discussion to share their views on how to nurture the next generation of Papua New Guineans.

(Picture: Archdiocese of Port Moresby Family Life Coordinator Mrs Lucy Lavu)

Presenting on the segment focusing on the voice of the laity was the Family Life Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Port Moresby Mrs Lucy Lavu, a mother who has dedicated most of her life to the work of the Church in helping to teach and give formation to both parents and children. 

Mrs Lavu’s presentation was centered around the idea of ‘Parents being the first role models to their children’ and emphasized that parents form a strong foundation for the family and be good role models for their children to follow.

Using the ‘Back Wednesday’ as an example, Lavu challenged parents and everyone to contribute one way or another in the formation of children and their overall development.

“The formation of a child is everybody’s business. From the moment of conception until birth and it doesn’t stop after birth, it continues until the child grows to be a young adult, that is when the child is a fully developed human in Christ.”

Lavu challenged parents to take responsibility for the formation of their children seriously and spend time with their children every day teaching them good values and being involved in their education and growth as a whole.

“Whilst young people need spiritual accompaniment, they also need to be taught personal development and this should not be a topic of taboo. Parents must also teach their children about the physical changes that take place in them so they can embrace these changes and make informed decisions”

She emphasized on the two key pillars of parenting being ‘verbal instructions’ and ‘leading by example’ in the Catholic faith, in Catholic Worship and in Morality in the four aspects of life; physical, psychological, social and spiritual and encouraged parents to guide their children in these matters.

Lavu believes that if we want a better generation, we must start giving formation to young couples so they can raise a healed generation that will have good family values.

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